About Denibi

Denibi is a creative house born and based in Barcelona. We specialize in high-quality leather goods, prêt-à-porter, prêt-à-couture, and home decoration; Inspired by the city of Barcelona, the essence of imagination and  African heritage.

The name “Denibi” symbolizes an island for creatives. Denibi has never been influenced by any negative interference. In the island, creatives are able to celebrate themselves to the fullest of their artistic abilities in the comfort of the like-minded. Denibi’s primary focus is to influence the future celebrating fine taste and minimalism.

Agatha. 80x80 oil on canvas © 2016.
Nostalgia. Ébène d'Afrique. © 2014.

We believe we enhance the universal experience with innovative thought concepts and creative designs. We believe that distinctive products elevate the human experience creating a futuristic and friendly environment.

All our garments, shoes, leather goods, and accessories are handmade in Spain with passionate attention to detail.

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